NetEnt vs Micrograming - Which Slot Machine to Place Your Bets

  • Jan 21, 2021

With the advent of online gambling, it has caused a stir with the rising number of casino games. NetEnt and Microgaming has as some of the oldest serving software developers in the industry. Both software developers have immense experience in production of attractive slot machines such as at topnetentcasinos . Who reigns supreme when we pitch NetEnt and Microgaming slot machines?

Who Has More Experience with Slot Machines?

Microgaming takes home the crown for more experience with the slot machines in the industry. The firm launched its first casino software back in 1994 when it was still a new concept in the gambling industry. With the proliferation of land based casinos such as , Microgaming took its chances in the new genre of online gambling with slot machines.

NetEnt joined the new wave two years later with a lot of potential of transforming the landscape of the growing online gambling industry. The first has grown to be one of the most trusted software developer with over 200 slit games supplied to over 170 online casinos dedicated to the gambling solutions across the globe. The numbers keep rising with each dawn.

King of the Slots?

Despite the experience held by Microgaming in the industry, NetEnt takes the top spot for most intuitive and attractive slots in the industry. The firm is perfecting the craft of transforming the virtual gaming experience for customers. NetEnt keeps rolling out attractive slot games that keep changing the nature of customer experience received by customers and online casinos across the world.

NetEnt rolls out a series of traditional slot games with immense relation with the land based casinos however with a modern touch to it. It revamps some of the classic slots to ensue it meets the quality expectations for customers. The games feature high quality 3D graphics, themes, superb sounds, out of this world animations and symbols that fit the modern gambling atmosphere.


Who Holds the Crown for Innovation?

With the high technological demand from the online gambling scene, it calls for the need for software developers to increase their game in the industry. The crown which NetEnt is fitting quite successfully with latest advancements in the industry. The firm recently acquired Red Tiger Gaming as part of their expansion plans to tap into the regulated markets across the world.

Microgaming does not take the seat back given its immense experience in the industry. The firm involves in a number of innovative concepts that are shaping the way online casinos are receiving their gambling solutions. Microgaming hails as the only software developer that launched the first ever smartwatch platform for customers to access their services. It remains a force to reckon despite its resurgence.

Who Takes the Crown?

When it comes to innovation and creativity with slot games, NetEnt takes the crown hands down. However, if it is experience and variety of casino games for players, Microgaming emerges as the winner. However, both firms are revolutionizing the manner in which customers receive gambling solutions. Each firm has a specialization in their own sphere that gives them an edge over the competitors.

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